Autism Spectrum and Your Child

From the Back Blurb

Your child’s diagnosis with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may have left you feeling sad, confused, or perhaps even relieved to finally understand why he or she behaves differently from other children. Whatever your initial response to the diagnosis, you want to know how best to encourage your child’s strengths and support all weaknesses.

Most importantly, you want to know how to point towards Christ but often struggle to navigate your child’s perception and understanding of the world, both seen and unseen.

With wisdom and skill, Kathy Hoopmann helps you begin to understand how your child thinks, how to communicate the truths of the gospel, and how to help your child find his or her place in the community of faith. With reminders that God knows and loves your child even more than you do, she offers compassionate, practical guidance for learning to embrace the blessings and difficulties of ASD.

Why I wrote it...

I have wanted to write a Christian book for a long time and I approached New Growth Press with a different book concept. After talking a while, they asked if I would write a short booklet on parenting a child with ASD from a Christian perspective. In so many ways, good parenting skills are good parenting skills regardless of faith or beliefs. However, children with ASD brought up in a Christian home have opportunities and difficulties unique to their situation. I concentrated on how parents who follow Jesus can see their children in the light of God's grace and how to communicate the truth of the Gospel to logical, inquisitive minds that often think about, and perceive the world, very differently from others.

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