Elemental Island

From the Back Blurb

Astie has always been different. Her 12th birthday is looming and she still has not decided on her thesis. All the Learners at the Hub picked theirs years ago. If it wasn't for her cousin, Jakob, life would be unbearable on Elemental Island. On the verge of being diagnosed with Social Syndrome, she stumbles upon Danny who has landed in a forbidden flight machine. To protect him, Astie persuades Jakob to tamper with the Overseer's memory. On the run from the Monitors together, Astie calls on her unique qualities to forge a friendship with the stranger and discover his reason for coming to the island. What she finds will shake the foundations of the place she calls home.

Set on a secretive island utopia where science and logic rule, this intriguing novel explores and celebrates differences in people from an alternative perspective. It is engaging reading for children aged 8-13.

Why we wrote it...

J.S.Kiss and I were discussing the intriguing traits of people with Asperger’s and envisaged how a world where everyone was on the autism spectrum would be. Before we knew it, we had pages of notes and the seed of a novel was born. Neither of us had worked closely with another writer before, so it was exciting to delve into the world of co-authorship. We were struck by how much richer a novel could be when two minds were at work. We fed off each other’s imagination and brought out each other’s strengths. We aimed to write a book to show that each individual fits into the tapestry of life and how the diversity of human traits, abilities and characters is key for any society to reach its full potential.


"The illuminating adventure of a misfit in a world where autism is so ordinary there isn't even a word for it. Elemental Island is thought-provoking, compassionate and recommended for readers of all ages, with or without 'Social Syndrome."

- David Mitchell, The Reason I Jump and Cloud Atlas

"I read many manuscripts, but very occasionally, there is one where I absorb every word with great pleasure and that is the case with Elemental Island. The exciting and humorous storyline will captivate the reader and also change and enhance our perception and understanding of the challenges faced by those who have an ASD."

- Tony Attwood, Minds & Hearts Clinic, Brisbane, Australia, and author of The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome

"This is a great book for people who have Aspergers because it creates characters and a world that feel real and are easy to relate to. It's also just a great book. So buy it!"

- Dylan Hamilton, aged 11, blogger, Book Walrus

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