The Essential Manual for Asperger Syndrome (ASD) in the Classroom

From the Back Blurb

Perfect for time-poor teachers, Kathy Hoopmann's essential handbook is an easy-to-navigate resource that promotes a positive learning environment in which students with Asperger syndrome (ASD) can thrive.

Kathy's unique ability to explain the ASD mind-set shines through as her concise descriptions reveal how to recognise and develop the child's strengths to the fullest potential whilst guiding and mentoring through areas of difficulties.

Full of effective and innovative strategies, the book covers areas such as meltdowns, forming friendships, literal thinking and speaking, and the overwhelming influence of sensory sensitivities. Activities to help explain the child's behaviour to other students are also included which fosters understanding and acceptance. A 'Home Link' section adds vital information about how to work with parents and other caregivers to create safe, loving and fun environments for the child at home and at school. With illustrations throughout, this book will be of immeasurable value to anyone who is working in a classroom setting with children with ASD.

Why I wrote it...

As someone who has written many books on Asperger Syndrome and who has twenty years of full time and part time teaching experience, I decided to put these two areas of expertise together and wrote a book I wish I had owned many years ago.

First of all, I wanted a book that a teacher could use without having to read every page. After an exhausting day with a room full of children, there are papers to mark, reports to write and lesson plans to create. Oh, and somewhere in there you have to fit in a social life and remind your family you still exist. What about that one child, in one class, with a specific problem you may never come up against again. Research that? Forget it!

I knew that for any book to be useful, it had to be easy to navigate, simple to understand and be filled with tips that are workable in the average classroom. I also hope that little things might stick in the mind of a teacher that will unlock ways to help, encourage and bring a student to his or her full potential. Knowing why a child behaves in a certain way is like a breath of air for a struggling teacher. Likewise to finally understand why a particular student does not respond to ‘tried and true’ strategies is liberating. I have to mention that I was delighted when my daughter, Rebecca Houkamau agreed to do the illustrations. Her quirky mind and quick wit shows on every page.


"If every primary school teacher read this book, the lives of all young children who have Asperger Syndrome would be significantly improved."

- Tony Attwood, Minds & Hearts Clinic, Brisbane, Australia, and author of The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome

"Kathy Hoopman's latest book should be compulsory reading for anyone involved in the education of children with AS. Seldom do you find such depth of information in so accessible a form. Busy teachers will find the "Issue Sorter" a life saver. No need to plough through the text, just identify the problem and turn straight to the strategies. This book has an added dimension in that it gives the pupil with AS a voice and provides engaging activities that can be used class-wide. Inspired and absolutely essential reading"

- K.I. Al-Ghani, experienced specialist advisory teacher, autism trainer and author of The Red Beast

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