Lisa and the Lacemaker Graphic Novel (DUE OUT APRIL 2017)

From the Back Blurb

When Lisa discovers a hidden door to an abandoned hut in her friend's backyard, her imagination runs wild with thoughts of the stories it could hold. But strange sounds and faces in the shadows give Lisa the feeling that there is more to the hut than meets the eye, especially when Great Aunt Hannah tells her about one of its previous inhabitants - the mysterious Lacemaker.

Lisa quickly discovers that the Lacemaker isn't the only mystery to be solved. Great Aunt Hannah has a secret of her own, and like the criss-crossing of threads her past is tied up with the Lacemaker. Vividly reimagined in graphic form for a new generation, follow Lisa as she confronts the Lacemaker to put right the secrets of the past, and is helped to understand her own Asperger Syndrome along the way.

Why I wrote it...

When I found out that Mike Medaglia was going to adapt and illustrate my novel, Lisa and the Lacemaker, into a graphic novel I was thrilled. His work is insightful and sensitive and I knew he would do a great job. At first we tried to work together; he would illustrate one chapter, and I would comment. But it didn't take long to realise that the best way for his creativity to flow was to be left alone. When I was presented with the final product I was delighted beyond words. Mike has outdone himself. Lisa and the Lacemaker Graphic Novel is a work of art, literally. I knew the plot was good, (ahem, I wrote it) but Mike has put magic in the pages and transformed it into something truly beautiful. This is a book that deserves to become tattered with use. I hope you enjoy it.


"As you progress through this engaging, fast-paced graphic novel, absorbed in an exciting, mysterious, even spooky adventure, you will learn, along the way, about Asperger's syndrome. Its quirks and characteristics are woven cleverly into the story, together with some wise advice for both those on the autism spectrum and their friends and families. A truly enjoyable read!"

- Sarah Attwood, author of 'Making Sense of Sex'

" Sparkles with adventure and charming illustrations! Lisa and the Lacemaker seamlessly weaves a tale of mystery and the gift of friendship that transcends age. With a plucky heroine and experiences every girl on the autism spectrum can relate to, 'Lisa' is a must-read for all girls with that special spark."

- Shana Nichols, PhD Director of ASPIRE Center for Learning and Development and author of Girls Growing Up on the Autism Spectrum

" Lovely to see Lisa sharing her tale through a graphic novel, a highly appealing genre for kids with an ASD who just like the genre, have their own fascinating way of saying things!"

- Liane Holliday Willey, author of Pretending to be Normal and Safety Skills for Asperger Women

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