With Josie

My co-author for the Spectrum Series

Josie Santomauro and I met in 1999 at the Ipswich Writers Festival and have been friends ever since. Both of us have written extensively on Asperger Syndrome, plus we both write in other genres as well. (Josie also writes as Josie Montano).

For years, we have dabbled with the idea of writing together, however nothing seemed to feel right. That all changed when I moved back to Australia after a long stint in the Middle East and found that Josie and I now lived five minutes from each other. It had to be an omen!

So, over a coffee on my deck we came up with the concept of the Spectrum Series and now we look forward to creating a bunch of quirky, lovable rascals who get up to all sorts of mischief, whether they mean to or not.

With our combined understanding of diagnoses that have lots of letters (ASD, OCD, ODD, ADHD, etc) the Spectrum Series is sure to delight, entertain (and dare we say, educate) our readers, young and old alike.